With over 30 years’ experience in concrete repair, rejuvenation/reinstatement and waterproofing works, the Principals of Concrete Seal do so much more than repair spalled concrete.

Our office and site staff are highly trained professionals and are qualified to undertake all facets of concrete repairs and waterproofing you may need on your project, large or small. We have moved with the times and keep abreast of new products and their applications as and when new products have evolved.

We take pride in our work and maintain a high standard of in-house and on-site work ethics at all times. We issue a written warranty for workmanship and materials on every project.

Director – Luis De Souza

  • 29 years practical experience in all facets of waterproofing, concrete repair and building maintenance
  • Licensed painter
  • Personnel staff training
  • Company policy

Project Leader Quality Assessor Director – Vincent Zorbas

  • 25 years practical experience in waterproofing and painting
  • Finance
  • Company policy
  • Quality assessor

Sales/Technical  – Don Potter

  • 34 years experience in all facets of waterproofing and concrete repair
  • Estimating
  • Product selection
  • Research and development

Administration Manager – Claudia Zorbas

  • 25 years experience in Administration
  • Computer and MYOB professional

Business Development Manager – Wade Edgeworth

  • 15 years experience in Sales & Marketing, Relationship building
  • Contracts, Administration and Financial Analysis
  • Mechanical Engineering background
  • Proficient in specification writing and interpretation

Qualified Staff

Our site staff comprehensively trained to keep abreast of upgraded manufacturers products new technology and to meet our company’s evolving quality control. Product seminars and training sessions are regularly attended with the view to achieve excellence in each facet of product application and repair.

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