Polyurea Spray

When clients are seeking a premium waterproofing solution, Polyurea and Polyurethane sprayed elastomer membranes deliver the highest level of performance, durability and increased warranty options.

Concrete Seal Waterproofing have the experience when it comes to applying Polyurea membranes with our state of the art Graco Plural reactor, high pressure machines.

Polyurea membranes offer the fastest return to service during the construction phase, for example: spray a 300m² retaining wall in the morning and backfill by the afternoon. Polyurea can also be used as a protective coating for steel structures, concrete structures ad surfaces that require high levels of chemical and abrasion resistance.

Concrete Seal Waterproofing are happy to assist with providing you with a range of solutions from below grade to chemical bund areas, retaining walls and roof decks.

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