Boat Pool Southbank, Brisbane

South Bank Parklands is a popular destination for locals and visitors to Brisbane. In the warmer months, its many water spaces overflow with people of all ages who are looking to escape the heat and have some fun. One of those water spaces is the Boat Pool.

The Boat Pool was looking old and Black Spot Algae was starting to take hold. Concrete Seal Waterproofing was commissioned to remove the top coat that was in place and replace it with a similar application, but one without sand seeding so as to reduce the future risk of Black Spot Algae growth.

Work commenced and it was found that although the base membrane was still intact, it was delaminating from the concrete base. So a decision was taken to replace the full membrane. Concrete Seal Waterproofing had no difficulty adapting our approach to suit the new broader project requirements, even though the project had commenced, and still delivering a great result.

  • Project size: 1,300m2
  • Application: Polyurea polyaspartic coating
  • Project duration: 16 weeks