IMG_0077The University of Queensland is one of Australia’s leading research and teaching institutions. The Faculty of Science at the university’s St Lucia campus in Brisbane has a temperature controlled and evaporative cooled glasshouse facility that supports undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research activities.

The glasshouses are constructed on concrete slabs. The conditions are harsh, with a range of chemicals and pesticides in use.

The University of Queensland commissioned Concrete Seal Waterproofing to refurbish the concrete slabs within the glasshouses, repairing the cracks and returning them to ‘as new’ condition. A chemical-resistant coating with non-slip qualities was also applied to protect the slabs from the rigors of the routine chemical and pesticide testing that takes place inside the glasshouses.

  • Project size: 350m2
  • Application: Polyurethane hybrid spray
  • Project duration: 3 weeks