Every year more and more buildings are constructed within 50 kilometres of the seaboard ...

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Waterproofing is the application of an impervious barrier to surfaces to stop water penetrating...

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Crack Repairs

We undertake concrete repairs in concrete podiums, swimming pools, loading platforms, concrete...

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Swimming Pool Repairs

Refurbishment of internal surfaces carried out on the basis of our recommendations and directive...

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About Us

Founded in 1996, Concrete Seal Waterproofing Pty Ltd has been servicing both the new construction industry as well as carrying out restorations to existing buildings, commercial, high rise and domestic. Concrete Seal Waterproofing operates throughout Brisbane and South-East Queensland region. The Principals of Concrete Seal Waterproofing Pty Ltd have over 30 years experience in Concrete Repair, Rejuvenation/Reinstatement, Waterproofing Works (new and existing) and Painting. The aim of the company is to provide a complete system through technical expertise gained through training and hands on experience in this very competitive industry
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